New exhibition

NEW DISCOVERIES: Recent Excavations of Varna Archaeological Museum

This summer we have the pleasure to present a new and exciting exposition to the attention of our visitors, interested in the ancient culture. Here they will have the opportunity to see some of the artifacts excavated in Varna and the region over the last few years.
The first segment of the exhibition brings attention to some of the sites where regular excavations are taking place, carried out annually by the archaeologists in Varna. The guests and the residents of the city will be able to learn about the latest discoveries made in the prehistoric settlements near the town of Suvorovo and in Bobata locality near the village of Avren, the Early Christian monastery in Janavara, near Varna and the basilica church from the same period still under exploration in the Borovetz locality, not far from the city. They will also see some recent finds made in the Early Byzantine and medieval fortresses of Castrici (in the area of the Evksinograd palace) and Petrich Kale (near Razdelna village). The exhibition pays special attention also to the fortress located on cape St. Athanasius, Byala town, presenting to the visitor’s eyes an exquisite altar table made of marble, discovered in the local orthodox еpiscopal chirch.
The archaeologists from the Museum also demonstrate the results of their work achieved aside from the planned studies. Each year they participate in a number of rescue excavations due to construction works and infrastructural projects, thus the visitors of the SUMMER EXHIBITION 2018 will get the opportunity to see some of the recent discoveries from the territory of the “Odessos-Varna” Archaeological Reserve (the old part of the town).
The artifacts from the Third Varna Necropolis are also an important focus in the exhibition. This necropolis (as well as the first two) was dated to the Chalcolithic period and valuable funeral offerings made of gold and other materials were unearthed there.