The Aladzha Monastery

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The Aladzha Monastery History

Very little is known about the past of the medieval rock monastery near Varna. The scanty findings do not give an answer whose caring hands have turned the natural cave alcoves into a monks’ inhabitation. Legends narrate that during the severe persecution against the Christians in the Roman Empire, several outcasts from the nearby town of Odessos took refuge in that sheltered and...... read more »

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For the first time, the name of the monastery was noted in the book “Letters from Bulgaria” of the Russian writer and traveller Viktor Teplyakov, who visited Varna during the Russian-Turkish War of 1828–1829. In the third letter he narrated ancient legends about Aladzha monastery, heard from a monk in the St.St.Constantine and Helena monastery. The Czech historian...... read more »

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Aladzha Monastery is one of the numerous rock monasteries1 in Bulgaria that existed in 13th – 14th century. Archaeological research has led to the discovery of remains of over a thousand similar sites within the country. From archaeological point of view the rock monastery by Varna is somewhat closer to monasteries that have been built, not carved into a rock. Its premises are situated...... read more »

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