Archaeological research in the Ancient Odessos and Medieval Varna in 2013

October 22, 2013

The presented archaeological site is situated on 22 Tsar Ivan Shishman Street, Varna, Bulgaria.
In the northeast part of the terrain was found a well, with a depth of about 4.7 m.The well is dug in a rectangular shape, with precisely shaped and placed dry stone lining. The well’s walls are oriented inthe cardinal directions, with a tolerance of 5o on N/E – S/W axis. One additional layer of stones is preserved on both east and west sides of the well.

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February 25, 2013

In 2003-2005 in relation to the new construction activities carried on the site were conducted archaeological excavations at 10 and 12, Tsar Kaloyan Street in Varna. The plot lies immediately to the north off the Roman Thermae of Odessos. Intact cultural layers have not been come across despite the profound exploration covering the entire area as a natural result from the interventions during the last two millennia of settlement life.

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Castellum Aquae and its tower on the Late-Antique stronghold wall of Odessos

January 24, 2013

During excavation works related to the new urban construction at 10, Ivan Vazov St. the builders came across parts from the stronghold wall of the late-antique Odessos. Its layout follows a northwest-southeast direction cutting across the construction trench. In the western part of the excavation are preserved parts of a stronghold wall and a densely built tower with a northwest facing front. Before the tower there are clear vestiges from a fosse or moat dating back to the time of building the fortification facility. The very bottom of the fosse, presently filled-in with sand, concurs with the level of the facility foundation.

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