Exhibition “Bread and Wine from Antiquity to Today”

June 11, 2019

On June 14th (Friday), at 4 pm in Varna Archaeological Museum, opens the exhibition "Bread and Wine from Antiquity to Today". It is a part of Varna Regional Museum of History’s annual temporary exhibitions series. By displaying various artifacts from the Museum’s collections along with images and fragments from old textual sources, the exhibition presents the history of wine and bread through the Millennia to present day.
The exhibition comprises a variety of archaeological artifacts: pottery, stone hand-mills, bread stamps etc. Also presented are various objects connected with traditional Bulgarian everyday life, Orthodoxy, and folklore believes and rites. Diverse documents and other items show the development of viticulture and baking in the secular 20th century, such as newly introduced industrial production techniques, and also the role of bread and wine in the everyday life of ordinary people.
Highlighted in the exhibition is an exact copy of the famous Thracian treasure from Borovo. The set of silver vessels for ritual wine drinking is notable with its decoration, revealing in images the rich and arcane Thracian religion. The treasure is kindly provided by the Ruse Regional Museum of History.
The exhibition "Bread and Wine from Antiquity to Today" will be held in Varna Archaeological Museum until the end of September 2019.