The Varna Archaeological Museum will be an official partner in the realization of the international maritime expedition ABORA IV

May 28, 2018














The Varna Archaeological Museum will be an official partner in the realization of the international maritime expedition ABORA IV. It is organized by the German researcher and experimenter Dr. Dominique Görlitz. At the end of May 2019 sailing will begin in Sochi (Russia) and its route will pass through Varna (Bulgaria), Istanbul and Troy (Turkey), Athens (Greece), Aegean Islands Lemnos, Milos, Terra and will finish in the Crete.
At the core of the future expedition is Herodotus' statement that the Egyptians passed through the lands of ancient Thrace and Scythia and founded the kingdom of Colchis (present-day Georgia). Expedition ABORA IV aims to explore the maritime routes for contacts between civilizations from the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea basin during the prehistoric age. For this purpose, the sailing will take place with the modern replica of an ancient Egyptian ship from the predynastic age (V-IV BC). ). For prototype of this ship was used an rock images of vessels, found in Egypt and dating back to 3500 BC. The ship will be called "Dilmun" - a mythical southern island from which ancient Egyptian pharaohs have take his wealth. The ship will be 12 meters long, 4 meters wide, 2 meters high and will be operated by a rectangular sail. The control will be carried out with a system of removable keels located on the bow and the stern. The team will consist of 12 people. "Dilmun" will be built in Lake Titicaca, Bolivia. This is due to the fact that today in the world only South American Indians was keep the traditional skills of producing reed boats.
The other main purpose of the ABORA IV expedition is of a social nature. This expedition is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the expedition RA of Thor Heyerdahl. At the same time, the organizer of the future expedition Dominique Görlitz, have the ambitious task of proving that representatives of different countries and cultures, some of which are currently politically and ideologically opposed, can work together and exist normally in one place. The crew of the future expedition will be international. In it besides the Germans, there are American, Russian, Armenian, Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian, Dutch and Bolivian. The crew gathered for the first time in a training camp on the shores of Lake Geiseltalze in Germany. From 11 to 17 May, the members of the future expedition was trained the Dlimmun model in the specifics of its management.
The official representative of Bulgaria in the ABORA IV expedition will be Theodor Rokov from the Varna Archeological Museum. For him, this will be the second such trip - the first is in 2010 with the international expedition "Danube Odyssey" from Belgrade to Varna. The partnership of the Varna Archeological Museum in the realization of this future expedition is a natural continuation of this tradition. During 1984-1985 Prof. Mihail Lazarov is a member of the crew of the expedition "Argonautica" – sailing from Varna to Georgia and the Aegean Islands. In 1988 Ivan Ivanov together with Prof. Lazarov are members of the Expedition "On the way of spondula" – sailing from Varna to Athens. The aim of all three trips is to explore practically the sea routes used for commercial contacts during the prehistoric and ancient epoch.